Advanced Routines



Figure Timing
Prep Step 123
Natural Spin Turn 123 123
Turning Lock to Left 1&23
Natural Spin Turn Overturned 123 123
Turning Lock to Right 1&23
Chasse From Promenade Position 12&3
Wing 123
Reverse Turn 123
Left Whisk 123
Unwind 456
Outside Spin 12&3
Natural Turn 123


Figure Timing
2 Walks SS
Basic Reverse Turn QQ& QQ&
Open Reverse Turn to Swivel QQS& QQ
Back Corte SQQS


Figure Timing
Version 1
Natural Spin Turn SQQ SSS
Natural Turn SQQ
Tipple Chasse to Forward Lock SQQ SQQ
Version 2
Natural Spin Turn SQQ SSS
V6 (1st half) QQS SQQ
Quick Open Reverse SSQQ
Four Quick Run S QQQQ S
Tipsy SQ&Q
Backlock QQS
Running Finish QQS or SQQ
Natural Turn SQQ
Heel Pull (end up facing diagonal wall new line of dance) SSS
6 Quick Twinkles QQQQQQ
Hops S QQ(step hop) QQ(step hop)
Scatter Chasse QQQQ QQQQ QQQQ QQ
Cross Foot Behind QQ S(step outside)
Scatter Chasse (QaQaQ hop)x4 (4th hop don’t turn)
Hop (diagonal wall)
Pepper Pot QaQ (diagonal wall)
Cross Foot Behind QQ S(step outside)

Slow Foxtrot

Figure Timing
Feather Step SQQ
Open Telemark SQQ
Natural Wave S QQ QQ QQ
Reverse Weave
  1-3 reverse turn
  back three step
  4-6 natural turn

Feather Step SQQ
Open Telemark to PP (going straight to wall) SQQ
Natural Turn SQQ
Outside Swivel S
3x Curved Three Steps SQQ SQQ SQQ
Feather Finish SQQ



Figure Timing
Open Basic 12341
Curl 2341
Reverse Top 2341 2341 234
Spiral to Fan (optional timing spiral on ‘2’) 1 2341
Fencing to Pencil Turn 2341 2341
Side Step Left 2341
Cuban Rocks 2341
Syncopated Cuban Rocks 2&3&41
Open Hip Twist to Fan 2341 2341
Alemana 2341
Rope Spin 2341
Sliding Doors 2341(entry) 2341 2341 2341
Backcheck to Kiki Walks 2341 2341 2341
Spot Turn 2341
Hand to Hand 2341
Aida (optional both Spiral) 2341
Rocks 2341
Spot Turn 2341


Figure Timing
Start Open Facing
Whip Throwaway 12 3a4 56 7a8
Curly Whip 12 3a4 56 7a8
Mooch Kicks 12 3a4 5a6 12
Swivels 3456
Fallaway Throwaway Overturned 1a2 3a4
Chicken Walks SSQQQQ
Change of Place 1a2 3a4
2x Backrock (Kick Ball Change Version on 2nd) 1a2 3a4
Change of Place (First Half Only) 1a2
Push Chasse 1a2a3a4
Backrock 12

Cha Cha

Figure Timing
Open Basic Handshake Hold 12341
Alemana 2341
Turkish Towel 2341 2341 234
Optional 1 Guapacha Timing on last
Optional 2 Cuban Breaks
Spiral to Open Facing Position 1 2341
Syncopated New Yorks 2&3 4&1
Spot Turn 23
3 Cha Chas 4&1 2&3 4&1
Spot Turn 23


Figure Timing
Whisk 12
Whisk to promenade 34
Samba Walk 56
Side Samba Walk 78
Volta 1234
Volta to Shadow Position (very small steps) 5678
Rolling Off the Arm (end facing each other) 1234
Whisk 56
Whisk Development 78
Promenade and Counter Promenade Runs 1234 5678
Whisk (follow turns) 12 34 56
Rhythm Bounce 78
Corta Jaca 1234 5678
Natural Roll 1234
Foot Change 56
Rhythm Bounce 78
Shadow Bota Fogo 12 34
Stationary Samba Walks 56 78
Cruzados Walks and Locks 1234 5678

Paso Doble

Figure Timing
Traveling Spins from CPP 12 counts (follow turns 5 and 7) 12 counts
Twist Turns 1(appel) 234 5(RF behind LF) 6 (Twist Turn) repeat (3456) x 2
Chasse to Right or Drag to Right