To join Dance Club you will have to pay
1. an AMS Membership Fee
2. for Classes
See the breakdown below:

As per AMS regulations, you will have to pay for a membership fee to participate in our classes. Valid until August 2021.
– AMS students: $10
– Alumni/Community $10
– Alumni/Community $20 if membership is bought without classes.

Prices for classes are as follows per term.

Class AMS Students Alumni Community
NCO $25 $30 $35
Level 2 $25 $30 $35
NCO + Level 2 $35 $45 $55

Drop in Prices

Drop in is limited to 2 classes per person/ term
– AMS Students: $6
– Non-AMS: $8

To register with us to take classes, please fill out this form.

To register for drop in, please fill out this form.