UBC Directions for Gala

Directions to the UBC North Parkade*:

-Drive up to UBC via 16th Avenue

-Turn right at the roundabout on Wesbrook Mall

-Turn left at Student Union Boulevard

-follow the road until it curves right, then turn right into the North Parkade

Directions to the Nest from the North Parkade:

  1. Once your vehicle is parked, exit the parkade by one of the south exits.
  2. Walk south until you reach the Old Student Union Building (SUB)
  3. Turn right to walk around the Old SUB
  4. Turn left and walk alongside the west side of the Old SUB
  5. The first building you see after walking along the Old SUB will be the AMS Nest (it is made of glass)
  6. Once inside the Nest, the Great Hall is on the South End on the Second Floor.

Refer to below image for a map of campus:

North Parkade Location