Tickets and Competitor Passes

Note for Competitors: Each competitor must purchase a Competitor Pass for the day(s) of their events(s) before March 2, 2017. Competitor passes include registration for two events. Additional events will cost $20 per event per couple. Tickets are non-refundable.

Competitor Pass (back row only) Before Jan 23 (Inclusive) After Jan 23
Adult and Senior Weekend Pass 60 70
Youth and Younger Saturday Daytime Pass 25 25
UBC Dance Club Student Weekend Pass

(Paper Registration Required)
40 40
Spectator Passes Friday & Saturday
Weekend Pass 45
Evening 25
Daytime 15
Registration Fee Price Increment
Competitor (first two events) $0 per event, per couple
Competitor (after first two events) $20 per event, per couple
UBC Dance Club Competitor (unlimited events) 0
Youth and Younger (unlimited events) 0

To pay the $20 for each additional event, you have two options:

  1. Please bring your money to the event, and it will collected by Megumi and her team prior to checking-in for the heats you have registered for.
  2. You can send the additional registration fees to the UBC Dance Club office. The address is listed below.

Please mail forms and any payments to the address below:
Box 29
6133 University Blvd,
V6T 1Z1
Vancouver, Canada

Tel: 604 822 3248

How to use Brown Paper Tickets