Here is our preliminary schedule for Gala 2020! Please note that this schedule is subject to change.

Saturday Daytime Session

Amateur Adult Latin (Silver and Gold)
Amateur Adult Mixed Proficiency
Club Closed Mixed Proficiency
Senior II to IV Standard (Newcomer to Championship)
Club Closed Rising Star
Club Closed Open Intl. (Foxtrot and Viennese)
Senior Latin (Newcomer to Gold)

Saturday Evening Session

Club Closed Open Intl. (Samba, Paso Doble, and Jive)
Same Sex (Newcomer to Advanced)
Amateur Adult Latin (Newcomer to Bronze)
Amateur Adult Standard (Silver to Championship)
Senior I Standard (Newcomer to Championship)
Competitive Showcase

Sunday Daytime Schedule

Juvenile Standard and Latin
Junior Standard and Latin
Youth Standard and Latin
Under 21 Standard and Latin
Senior I & II Latin (Pre-champ to Championship)
Amateur Adult Latin (Pre-champ to Championship)
Club Closed (Newcomer to Advanced)
Amateur Adult Standard (Newcomer to Bronze)

Competitors, please arrive at least 90 minutes before your heat in case of scheduling changes and to accommodate for timing.