Questions? Here are a lot of questions that people ask us: we’ve even answered them! We hope you find what you’re looking for! If you have more questions, give us a shout by emailing info@ubcdanceclub.com. Your question might just end up on this page!

What is UBC Dance Club all about?

The UBC Dance Club is dedicated to teaching, fostering, and promoting interest in International Style ballroom dancing in the UBC community.

Not only do we have professional teachers to show us their chops, it’s done in a way that’s fun, engaging, and easy to learn. Aside from weekly classes, UBC Dance Club is also a great way to create connections and meet new faces through our monthly socials, competitions, and even community engagement opportunities!

If you’re ready to go all out with UBC Dance Club, guaranteed the friends you make and the memories you create will last a lifetime.

What levels of dance do you teach?

Newcomer: This is the class for absolute beginners! No dance experience necessary, two left feet and got-no-rhythm optional. You don’t need a partner for Newcomer, but be ready to mingle with your peers. Please wear comfortable shoes and clothing, dance shoes are optional. This year in Newcomer you’ll learn six dances: Waltz, Cha-Cha, Jive, Quickstep, Rumba, Tango. Please see the teacher’s page to get to know them!

Intermediate: Intermediate classes are at an intermediate level; you must have successfully passed the Newcomer Level Test or done an audition with us. Intermediate classes add more technical work and more steps to each type of dance in preparation for higher level dancing. This year, you will be learning eight dances: Waltz, Cha-Cha, Jive, Quickstep, Rumba, Tango, Foxtrot and Samba. Intermediate classes are taught by Zillion Wong and Murray Schellenberg.

Advanced: Advanced classes are for intermediate-advanced level dancers. After Advanced classes, you’ll be able to dance all 10 International Ballroom styles: Waltz, Cha-Cha, Jive, Quickstep, Rumba, Tango, Foxtrot, Samba, Viennese Waltz and an introduction to Paso Doble. It is highly recommended for first time Advanced dancers to supplement the class by practicing those steps! Advanced Standard is taught by Joel and Advanced Latin is taught by Kyryl.

Tips for Class

Bring a great attitude for learning and please be on time! Late arrivals will disrupt the classroom session. If you’re staying in the ballroom for a class that’s not your own, please participate! I’m sure you wouldn’t like to be watched awkwardly from the sidelines yourself.

Bring your membership tag every class so they can help you learn new names. We will be doing tag checks randomly! If you’ve forgotten your membership tag, bring your student and picture ID with you instead. If you’ve lost your membership tag, please do find us to ensure that we can get you a new one as soon as possible!

Please be considerate to the teacher and your fellow dance mates by turning off your cell phone and leaving it near your belongings before the start of class. You really don’t want your Sailor Moon theme song to go off during an intense dance session.

There will be plenty of partner switching throughout the class, so muster up the courage to dance with someone new each class!

If you’ve missed a class, you can drop-in to another Newcomer time slot for the same lesson or come to Guided Practice on Mondays for some extra help.

LAST BUT NOT LEAST – Have Fun!! UBC Dance Club is not only a great place to learn to dance, but also a place to meet new people and have fun 🙂 So don’t be shy, be active and get involved with us!

How can I get better at dancing?

Always ask lots of questions – the teachers are more than happy to help! Your questions show that you’re actually paying attention.

After that, it’s practice practice practice!

Stay connected through our newsletter (sign up at the bottom of the page!) and find out when our monthly dances are to practice those moves with other dancers.

What Events do you have?

Monthly Dances – Mark your calendars! Once a month UBCDC hosts social dances – a fantastic to meet other members and refine what you learned in class. ALSO, social dancing is one of the best ways to improve your dancing, especially when you learn from more experienced dancers 🙂 Social dances will always be in the SUB Ballroom unless otherwise specified.

Workshops and Technique Classes – Ever heard of the saying “practice makes perfect?” At the UBC Dance Club, we want to make sure that you feel confident with both steps and technique. So make sure you attend our workshops in Standard and Latin styles throughout the year! An additional fee is required for these technique classes as it’s still a pro ballroom instructor who’s making you sweat your stuff.

Team Match is a definite favourite for many members. Combine creative and hilarious skits, costumes, cheering, and a dash of dancing and you get one hell of an event! You and other members will be divided into teams to perform a themed skit, and compete in a mini competition. It’s fight to the finish for our Team Match cup and other amazing prizes! It’s a must-do at the UBC Dance Club!! Check out past memorable skits like Men in Tights and Rebecca Black’s Friday.

Holiday Ball – It’s time to get classy with UBCDC. Holiday Ball is your chance to impress that cute lead or follow by dressing to impress while enjoying some delicious food, practical prizes and great entertainment!

Dance Convention – As preparation for the UBC Gala Ball, or as a dancer just looking to improve your dance technique, Dance Convention is a full day of workshops getting you geared up for competition! As well, we often showcase dance styles that you never get the chance to try in class! Past workshops include Latin and Standard technique, Viennese Waltz, Paso Doble, Zumba and Hair and Makeup!

Annual Gala Ball – This is not only UBCDC’s longest-running event, but also the oldest dance competition in British Columbia! What started as an end of the year dance show has evolved to a grand display of talent, not only from UBC Dance Club members but dancers from beginners to Champ-level ones from around Canada and the United States. This is your chance to strap on your ballroom shoes, and step into your suits because March is your time to share your enthusiasm for ballroom dancing with the dance community, family, and friends.

Do I need a practice/competitive partner?

Designated partners are completely optional for members; however, if you are planning to compete at the Annual Gala Ball or other competitions, you may be interested in practicing with your partner during class time. If you are interested in finding a more permanent partner, you can try to find one in your class or attend or of our partner searches throughout the year. A great way to find a partner is to join Team Match , where you will be partnered with someone who suits your level.

Do I need dance shoes?

Runners or other comfortable shoes are perfectly for the Newcomer and Intermediate levels. In fact, we do not encourage people to wear heels to class as you’ll be standing and dancing for extended periods of time. If you prefer to wear dance shoes, there are specialized international style ballroom dance shoes that can be purchased at various locations around Vancouver. Please see our sponsors page for more information about affordable, quality dance shoes. Please be aware that the floor will not be that clean as other people will be wearing runners.

I have previous dance experience/ballroom experience, how can I try your Intermediate or Advanced class?

In September, auditions will be held for members who are interested in skipping levels. This year, these auditions will be held in the first week of dance classes in September. Please email our Internal Vice President prior to that date in order to signup for auditions slots. You are to arrive 10 minutes before class starts in order to audition.

For the audition, you may either bring a designated partner, dance with someone else who is auditioning, or dance with an executive. We will play some ballroom music for you to dance to – routines are completely optional.

If I received a “Conditional Pass” during my Level Test in the previous term, how do I advance to the next level?

Hopefully you’ve had the opportunity to practice throughout the summer either at our Summer Dance Class or at Robson Square! Please email us

This all sounds like my kinda thing, HOW DO I SIGN UP?!

That’s awesome! You can visit us on Clubs Days, at our office at the AMS Student Nest – Room 3301C, or drop us a line at info@ubcdanceclub.com in order to setup a time to sign up! Please refer to our membership pricing for more info, we accept cash and cheque payable to UBC Dance Club.