We’re a social club too! UBC Dance Club hosts lots of events throughout the year, often dance-related. This is your chance to meet other members and show off what you learned in classes!

Upcoming Events

Team Match

Team Match is an annual UBC Dance Club event where members of different dance levels form teams and perform a dance skit based on a theme. Teams are scored by our dance teachers and the winning team wins exciting prizes and bragging rights until the next Team Match!

We will also be having a mini-comp, where members of each team can score points in a low stress competition. The winning team wins more exciting prizes!

Don’t miss the demos we have planned by talented members of the local dance community as well as social dancing in between events.

This year’s theme: Leap Off The Pages

Mini-comp dances:
Newcomer: Cha Cha and Waltz
Intermediate: Quickstep and Rumba
Advanced: Tango and Jive

Save the date! November 12th is day we Leap Off The Pages!
Sign up for Team Match 2018

For more information, talk to a Dance Club executive or contact us.

October AGM

Want to be part of the team that makes UBC Dance Club awesome? We will be holding our annual general meeting on Sunday October 21st at 10 AM in the Kingsmill Forum of the AMS Nest (4th floor).

We are looking for:
– Two Newcomer Representatives
– One photographer
Executive Position Descriptions

Come sign up on the door to the Dance Club office (Room 3301C in the Nest)!

Year at a Glance

Holiday Ball (November)

Our annual formal ball! A full buffet, social dancing, and a variety of live performances included.

UBC Gala Ball (March)

The end-of-year dance competition for you to show off all that you’ve learned throughout the year! Did you know that the UBC Gala Ball is one of the oldest and largest competitions in BC? Don’t be intimidated, though, we have a full slate of newcomer-friendly events as well as plenty of club-closed categories (club members only). Plus, Dance Club members get a discount! Keep an eye out for info closer to the day of.