We’re a social club too! UBC Dance Club hosts lots of events throughout the year, often dance-related. This is your chance to meet other members and show off what you learned in classes!

Year at a Glance

Icebreaker and Welcome Back Dance (September)

We begin our year with our icebreaker and welcome back dance. Newcomers can come meet our executive team as well as some members of our community. Much fun will be had as our executive team has prepared many fun games and activities for new members. Right after the icebreaker is the first social dance of the year. Social dances are a huge part of Dance Club, so you wont want to miss the first one of the year.

Team Match (November)

Team Match is the first major event of the year. Current members as well as alumni are split into teams and pitted against each other in a skit competition to win the much coveted team match trophy. Team Match is a great way for newcomers to meet people from the larger dance community and experience what a dance competition can be like in a friendly atmosphere.

Holiday Ball (November)

Our annual winter formal ball! Come join us for a night of food, social dancing, fun games, and a variety of live performances. Holiday ball is a the perfect way to celebrate with all the new friends you have made at Dance Club and have one last party before finals season.

Gala 101 (February)

If you have ever had a question about UBC Gala Ball or other dance competitions, Gala 101 is the place to have them answered. Typical topics covered in Gala 101 include registration for Gala, hair and makeup, costumes, and floor etiquette

UBC Gala Ball (March)

The end-of-year dance competition for you to show off all that you’ve learned throughout the year! Did you know that the UBC Gala Ball is one of the oldest and largest competitions in BC? Don’t be intimidated, though, we have a full slate of newcomer-friendly events as well as plenty of club-closed categories (club members only). Plus, Dance Club members get a discount! Keep an eye out for info closer to the day of.

Springapalooza (April)

Celebrate spring with our last social dance of the year. Fun and games are abound as the exec is excited for the summer holiday.