Team Match is the biggest, baddest, and most rowdy of all our dance events. It is a definite favourite of many of our members, and it involves things like: musical performances, parodies, dance routines, and pure CRAZINESS. So sign up, and have some fun!

Team Match occurs in November and consists of several teams competing. The first part of Team Match is the skit competition. Teams put on funny and awesome skits, often to theirĀ embarrassmentĀ and your amusement. These skits are followed by a mini-comp, a small, dance club only, dance competition for you to give dancesport a try. At the end of the night there is a winner, who will claim a prize that will be announced at some point. Even if you don’t win the competition, the event is a lot of fun and we encourage you to bring your friends for a good time.

Team Match will be on Sunday November 20th, 2016. See you all there!

Here are some examples of what you can expect at Team Match:

You can view all of our Team Match videos on UBC Dance Club’s YouTube channel!