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Why hello y’all. I hope your summer is going splendidly. Not going to lie, I am a little disappointed at the weather this season. The sun seems to be shying away and it’s hard to get into the summer vacation mentality. Not to worry, however. You know what never goes out of season? Liquor!

Now don’t be fooled by this blog post’s enthusiasm towards booze. I assure you I am not an alcoholic. I am only proposing various summer indulgences that coincidentally contain a common ingredient: alcohol 😀

So let’s get to it shall we?

4 Summer Themed Ways to Consume Alcohol*

1. Jell-O Shots

Ever finish eating a watermelon and wonder what on earth you should do with the rind? Well do I have a solution for you! As you can see by this magnificent photo below, repurpose your watermelon rinds to make delicious Jell-O shots. Not only are these easier to eat than Jell-O shots made in those pesky plastic shot glasses, but you are repurposing a watermelon rind. How hipster is that?

Photo by Macey Foronda/BuzzFeed

Photo by Macey Foronda/BuzzFeed

2. Popsicles

‘Nuff said.


3. Healthy(ish) Snack?

If you have some extra fruit (such as watermelon since you just scooped it out to make awesome Jell-O shots), why not just pour some wine or vodka on it and make it a little snack?

4. Minute Margaritas

For those of you who are like me and can’t cook, this is the simpliest way to make the most ghetto margarita of your life.

  • Step 1: Get tequila
  • Step 2: Get some lime sorbet
  • Step 3: Pour the tequila over the lime sorbet
  • Step 4: BAM! You have turned into Emeril Lagasse and you’ve made a margarita

So if you have the time, try some of these babies out and tell me what you think. I look forward to hearing about the fun times you had and how awesome these boozy treats were.


Kaitlyn Jung
– Marketing Director

*Always drink responsibly. Know your limit. Stay within it. Yes I know the tag line was meant for gambling but it can apply to drinking as well.

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