Blog #38 | Personal growth always begins at the end of your comfort zone

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Summer is finally here. It’s the time to unwind. The time to actually do the things we wanted to do now that we are finished with school, at least for a while. Some of you may have already started enjoying your summer; some of you may have just started. I know for me, I just started my summer vacation. Having just finished my 2nd year in Pharmacy school and one month of clerkship, I have just begun to think to myself: what do I want to get to done this summer?

This summer, I want to step out of my comfort zone and try things that I’ve never done before. For me, I want to get out in the outdoors more by going on more hikes and camping trips. I want to explore British Columbia and see what nature has to offer. I also want to be more active and also pick up yoga again. I truly believe that personal growth will feel uncomfortable at first, but it always begins at the end of your comfort zone.

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So what are you going to do this summer? Try something new! Routines stagnates us. New experiences help us grow and they make life so much more interesting. So I challenge you to try a new activity this week. It could be as small as trying out a new restaurant, talking to a stranger or reaching out to that old friend you haven’t talked to in awhile! What do you have to lose?

Once you get the ball rolling, these new experiences will open doors to life changing opportunities. With continuous small steps to new experiences, we are able to sidestep the biggest barrier to positive change: Fear.

If ballroom is one of the things that you want to venture, I want to share with you the Robson Square Dance Series that is going to take place every Friday from June 27th to August 29th There will be FREE social dancing and lessons starting at 7:30pm and demos from 9pm.

Join me and try something new this summer. Remember, people regret the things they did not do!

Happy venturing,

Angel Luo
Graphics Designer

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