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When you live in the rainy city that is Vancouver, I think most of us thank a higher power for all the sunny days.  My idea of a good Saturday is streaming an episode of Grey’s Anatomy during a late, late brunch at 2pm.

Rocking back and forth in an egg shell

It was my first time doing the Grouse Grind but I didn’t think too much about the difficulty when I decided to go with Dance Club’s Summer Adventure Series.  Which is why even before the quarter mark at the Grouse Grind, I was already questioning how much of a masochist I had to be to subject myself to this.  The air and scenery was great!  The company was great!  But there were mothers carrying babies passing me, people already with white hair passing me.  And I was still struggling.

Not only that, I was terrified of being clumsy and tumbling downhill like a bowling ball!

Falling and rolling during a hike

Gutter ball! Source:

So nothing describes how great it was to literally see the light at the tops of the trees because despite the grueling….grind (haha).  I guess I’ll go back eventually. Maybe. I may not be super fit but I’ll definitely still try new things and continue with the Dance Club’s Summer Adventure Series.  I’m striving to achieve my goals!

Train insane or remain the same


From one happy dancer to another,

Jessie Chung
– Internal Vice President

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