The 55th Gala Ball is coming.

Planning for this years Gala Ball is ramping up. For all the information check out our pages using the navigation bar above. If there’s anything you can’t find, contact us at

We’ve got our bookings until April!

Classes will be starting the week of January 23rd. Keep posted, the schedule page will be updated once we’ve finalized it for you all. Otherwise keep posted to your email for the newsletters if there’s anything urgent we need to let you know of.

Classes this week:

Dec 9th: Hi Everyone, exam season is upon us students. For those of you in classes we wish you good luck in all your finals, a full cup of coffee, and a quiet room. For the rest of everyone classes will resume in January, so until we get our bookings back hold tight. In the mean time if you need a booking please contact our bookings reps.
Hope everyone has a good few weeks and a Merry Christmas – Jake and the rest of the Dance Club Exec