Welcome to UBC Dance Club, the ballroom dancing organization of UBC Vancouver. Join one of the largest and oldest AMS clubs today!

Newcomer Corner

Our lovely Newcomer Representatives (Jake and Juliana) have set up a Facebook group just for you! They’ll keep you updated on everything you need to know about the club, upcoming events, and more!

Join the Facebook Group

A little fun fact for all of you: UBC Dance Club has a Newcomer Council (NewCo)!

Reasons you should join:

1) You’re lonely
– We provide friends!

2) You have great ideas for fun dance-related (and non dance-related) activities for any and all newcomers
– You can have your voice heard!

3) You think Jake and Juliana have bad ideas
– You can give them feedback (please be nice)!

4) You seem to love ballroom dance and you need an outlet
– You can get even more involved in dance club!

5) You’re bored
– We’re really not boring

There’s no better way to kickstart this year than to join the crew. It’s gonna be rad, so if you’re even minutely interested, now’s the time! Shoot Jake or Juliana a message, or talk to them or one of the other execs in class!

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